About the Conference

New technology is rapidly changing the mechanical construction industry. So to help our contractors stay ahead of the change curve we expanded this year’s Construction Technology Conference to bring you more content, more exhibitors, more case studies and more headline speakers.

This year’s conference will include keynote sessions from James Benham, Rob McKinney, BuiltWorlds and cutting-edge contractors that are leveraging their technology to succeed. Join us to learn about the latest tools, software, operations and trends that contractors are using to leverage technology and be even more successful.

Breakout Sessions

New breakout sessions and roundtables based on job scope for executives, operations managers and BIM personnel.

Second Movers

Optional "Second Movers" Luncheon for those just getting started. Learn from established contractors about their successes and potential pitfalls when starting to increase your technology spending.



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Welcome and Conference Overview

Tom Stone & Brian Helm

MCAA President Tom Stone from Braconier Plumbing & Heating Company in Englewood, CO will start the conference by welcoming everyone to MCAA’s second Construction Technology Conference. Brian Helm, President of Mechanical, Inc from Chicago, Illinois and Chairman of the MCAA Construction Technology Committee will give an overview of the conference and explain the revamped format.


Opening Session

James Benham, JB Knowledge

Everywhere you look, there’s a new mobile, drone or wearable device. How are these technologies evolving construction projects? How are top contractors running research and development on emerging technologies? Get ahead of the learning curve and hear about the up-and-coming technology solutions your peers in the industry are already utilizing. In this presentation, James Benham sorts through the latest trends, solutions and devices in building technologies and how they will rewrite the rules for construction projects.




Contractor Case Study #1 - Integrating Technology

Chris Weaver, Director of Technology at Andy J. Egan Company

Andy J. Egan Company is an Industry Leader in innovation, cloud technology & collaboration. In this session, Chris Weaver discusses why his company decided to start designing with owner handoff & facility management in mind. He will also discuss the workflow and tools that his company is using to give more information to field personnel and collaboration partners in the design process.

Chris is Egan’s Director of Technology and works to ensure the company is on the forefront of construction technology at a national level, even influencing new technology by working with the industry’s best software providers. He serves on the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Technology Committee and on the Board of Directors for the American Subcontractors Association of Michigan (ASAM).


BuiltWorlds Tech Tools Test Drive

Matt Abeles, Co-Founder and Managing Director of BuiltWorlds

MCAA has partnered with BuiltWorlds, a Chicago-based company that strives to connect innovative tech companies with the built environment. Matt Abeles of BuiltWorlds will introduce three start up companies that combine technology and construction that have been emerging in recent years. Representatives of each of these start-ups will make a presentation where they demonstrate their product, explain its impact and allow contractors to ask questions or if applicable, try it out.

This year, representatives from Paracosm, Rhumbix and Safesite will make presentations. Collectively, their companies offer solutions to 3D scanning, augmented reality, jobsite tracking, Real-time jobsite data, and safety applications.




Construction Technology Being Utilized by General Contractors

Nathan Wood, Founder and CEO of Spectrum AEC

In this session, Nathan Wood, Founder and CEO of Spectrum AEC, will review what types of technology that general contractors are researching, testing and implementing on their job sites. As a former member of DPR’s Corporate Innovation Team, Nathan tested, researched and analyzed the effectiveness of cutting edge construction technology on job sites around the world.


Contractor Case Study #2 – Modern Piping

Britton Langdon, Director of Support Operations at Modern Piping

In 2008, Modern Piping was faced with an unforeseen challenge that left their business at a crossroads. Heavy rains and thunderstorms throughout most of the spring caused flooding throughout eastern Iowa but devastated Cedar Rapids and parts of Iowa City. While Modern Piping was left mostly intact, $3 billion in damages were burdened on the area. The amount of work that was required to rebuild the area was going to keep Modern Piping busy for a number of years.

To meet the demand of this work, Modern Piping had to increase productivity. Investments were made to fabrication facilities, BIM departments and in mobile computing. Leadership was still looking for ways to drive productivity through technology. Seeing the new direction of BIM data and workflow, Modern decided to create internal software that could automate the workflow and deliver more information to the fabricators, project managers and customers. Their custom software allowed for detailed drawings to be delivered to fabricators at their workstation computers and productivity to be tracked and analytics to be applied to employees.

Learn about Modern Piping's story and how cutting-edge contractors are looking to push their existing limitations to drive productivity forward.

Britton Langdon has been the Director of Support Operations for Modern Piping since 2013. He is responsible for managing the fabrication and BIM processes for the company. In addition, Mr. Langdon is the architect behind the FabPro1 fabrication tracking software. Prior to Modern Piping, Britton was the Regional Manager for Victaulic in the Rocky Mountain Region.

5:00pm - 7:00pm

Exhibit and Happy Hour




Breakout Sessions

  • Room 1 – Owners' Breakout Data Security
    • James Benham, CEO of JB Knowledge
      In this presentation, James Benham will highlight the risks of contractor access to owners' systems and cloud technology, then identify the resources and best practices to manage those risks. Learn the basics of converting processes to the cloud and how to secure proprietary data along the way.
  • Room 2 - Operations Breakout - Disruptive Technology
    • Nathan Wood, Spectrum AEC
      This breakout will discuss technologies that have the potential to disrupt the way that contractors operate today. Unforeseen factors often can force companies to change the way they do business without ever planning for it. This session will take a look at some external factors that could disrupt the construction industry and potential ways to capitalize on the opportunity.
  • Room 3 – BIM & IT Breakout – Owner-Driven Software Mandates
    • Josh Bone, JB Knowledge
      More and more often, contractors are forced to work with design software with which they and their personnel are unfamiliar. The industry is also seeing a consolidation of softwares that will force contractors to use regardless of their preference.


  • Room 1 – Executives Roundtable – Targeted Technology Spending
    • The questions that many contractors have as they start investing in new technology are, "How much does it cost?" "What is payback period?" and "Where can I best spend my budget?" This roundtable will ask attendees to share their experience and their challenges.
  • Room 2 – The Future of the Industry - Nathan Wood, Spectrum AEC
    • In this roundtable, participants will look at some of the disruptive technologies mentioned in the earlier breakout and evaluate their impact. As future leaders of many of their companies, they will have a chance to start understanding what external factors might impact their business and how they can shape their companies to use it to their advantage of the opportunities.
  • Room 3 - BIM & IT – Populating Databases with Accurate Model Data
    • A roadblock that many contractors face in BIM is the ability to use detailed model data of contractor-specific parts. There are options available but no perfect solution. This session will discuss ways that contractors are working through the problem and possible solutions.

Roundtable Recap

Brian Helm, Mechanical Inc.

MCAA Construction Technology Committee Chairman will restart the morning and bring together the group to discuss highlights from breakouts and roundtables.


Best Apps for Contractors

Rob McKinney, JB Knowledge, ConApp Guru

In the closing session, Rob McKinney will discuss the best apps for contractors for various workflows. His presentation will include recommendations of the latest software and workflows that can be automated through apps like daily reporting, safety, documentation and other processes that can automate paper-based entry of information.


Second Movers Luncheon – An Optional Event for Contractors Just Getting Started

Being out in front has its advantages, but for those who are just beginning to make the heavy investment in technology, a lot can be learned from those in front. This session is intended for contractors who either have not begun the process or are just in the beginning stages.

This session will include a series of short presentations from established contractors sharing how they chose software, trained and recruited manpower and started utilizing technology. It will also include a presentation by Josh Bone, BIM expert from JB Knowledge to talk about building your first BIM execution plan. Josh will explain a contractor's role in data management and the rules of engagement with GC’s and subcontractors.


Marriott Indianapolis Downtown

350 West Maryland Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

You’ll enjoy the features and convenience of the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown. A short 20 minutes from the airport, the hotel offers excellent conference facilities, comfortable rooms, a variety of restaurant options nearby, and the always-popular Champions in the hotel for the always-popular networking with other attendees.

Room rates through MCAA’s room block are $179 for single or double rooms; please book through our registration process (not directly with the hotel) by May 16 to reserve your room.